Innovative & Distinctive
Furniture Designs

At HUP FA MANUFACTORY, we constantly strive to innovate and evolve our capabilities to ensure we provide a complete service to our customers. When we undertake a project, it is our promise to deliver with the highest standard of service and attention to detail in order to realize your vision and ideas. We have own furniture solution to match your needs.

Furniture Design Conceptualisation

Every interior is different with individual traits of character and style. Designed with us aesthetics and clean lines, a wide range of our furniture can be customized in the tone and texture of wood that suits your interior design scheme best. A universe of color combinations let you design a piece of unique furniture for a fashionable statement or in complimenting tones of color for a balanced environment.

Customization & Planning Expertise

Our skills, knowledge, talent, long experience and great attitude are the reasons that we are unique in the industry. Our clients choose us because we offer much more than simply inspired designer furniture with providing intelligent, comprehensive solutions to furniture needs.